I’ve never been a fan of my appearance.  For Halloween I decided to cover myself in a sheet.  I was a ghost.

Simple– said the first lady I came across, standing at her door of a house decorated in immaculate fashion– Yes, sometimes simple is better.

So spooky– mocked the group of children, bags still limp with only a few meager treats.  With a laugh or two, they ran to the other side of the street.

On a porch sat a man, dressed as a fiend.  He feigned immobility until the moment you reached for his candy.  Sadly for him, jumping out of reflex is not in my nature.

I heard the judging voices of the mothers waiting for their little monsters to return from doorways– Isn’t he a bit tall?  Perhaps I am old.

I began to think that this whole Halloween thing was not for me.  In the cold new November air, I felt the wind pulling at my sheet.  Then with a tug, it was pulled away.

It’s a skeleton!– I heard the scream, as the people finally took notice of me.



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