What’s New

Hey greasers!  Here’s a quick update just before we hit July!

I just released ‘Of Armor and Bone’ on Amazon both in ebook and paperback forms!  Click here to check out the store page.

If you pick it up there, or happened to read the first edition as it was released bit by bit here, please give it a rating!  It will really help me to get it noticed, especially since I’ve entered it into the Story Teller UK 2019 contest.  It will also help me to get my butt moving on editing the sequel.  Yup, it’s all there, just all messy and needing some figurative cleaning-up.

Another Camp Nanowrimo starts tomorrow.  Leave me a comment if you’re participating.  Expect to read the first chapter of this month’s writing sometime in the coming week.  I’m back to my scifi origins!

Here’s a semi-related gif, cause I know people like that stuff when otherwise there would just be a wall of text.

A message I hope to pass on to my students when school gets back in session, too.
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