Something Spacey this way Comes

Coming this Summer, the third and final installment of my Scifi-Drama:


Almost a year after the Mars Fever had been cured, the Altum Crater Station had finally returned to a proper routine. Cecil quickly finds himself stuck between working random tasks and fending off boredom. When a new ship from Earth arrives bringing with it more workers as well as a group of civilians to live there, Cecil discovers that he must take the role of watching over them. His suspicions of his own inadequacy hold him back while these new arrivals continue to look up to him as some sort of infallible system of support.

Meanwhile, out in space between the Earth and Mars, a ship sent by a separate country looms closer, offering no inclination that they wish contact.

Pre-order here!

If you haven’t read the first two in the series, Mother of Mars will be free all next week, the 18th-22nd, and Above A Whisper will be free the 25th-29th.

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