Into the Forest

Of Armor and Bone: Chapter 18

During the night, the snowfall had been replaced slowly by a cold rain. Chin’s horse made the last few slippery steps through the slush at the edge of the forest. Bently carefully followed after. His neck strained against the back of the helmet as he attempted to size up the massive trees. He quickly slipped the helm off his head and balanced it between his legs with one hand on the reins. The cold air tingled at his nose and ears.

“Feeling warmer?” Chin called back to him.

“It feels nice to be out of this armor once in a while. It’s more stifling…” Bently postured. “More so than regular armor, perhaps.”

“Your imagination.” The mage declared.

Bently pursed his dry lips and swallowed the minuscule amount of saliva at the edges of his mouth. “I have a suspicion, Mr. Chin.”

“Is it so important?”

“When you examined Scar’s sword, the one that had become rusted by some… strange power. You said you would look into it.”

“You ask too many questions.” Chin huffed and yanked on the reins of the horse.

“You must have an idea of what this meeting of the order is about then?” Bently called out, to no reply.

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