Thoughts on Flight: Two

I recommend you to read the original first; this is some semblance of a sequel after all.

Oh Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. So Big.  So so big.  Unnecessarily big maybe.  Maybe I’m thinking of the line for American Airlines today…

Let’s start in Paris.  Paris is a big, modern city, so getting around with both incredibly easy but incredibly unpredictably horrible.  There are several ways that I could have gotten to the airport today.  One is taking the RER about half an hour, most likely standing the whole way with my huge luggage.  The next way is a bus from the Opera, which I would have to navigate with my huge luggage.

The third way, the one I took, lead me around the city.  I was actually the only one on it by the end, and today was one of those random days that public transport was free.  Hooray!

My luggage was filled no less than a quarter of souvenirs/gifts/things I wanted to consume. I had to drag it along the whole way.  It was both relieving and terrifying to leave it in the hands of airport people.  There is a bottle of wine at the bottom.  It is wrapped in several alternating layers of paper/plastic bags.  In the best case scenario, it would give it padding. In the worst case, it would keep my precious grape liquid from getting all over my clothes as the handlers play something between Tetris and Jenga with the bags.

I’m writing this in Dallas.  I didn’t have time in Charles de Galle.  If you watch the upcoming vlog, you will know why.  At least I got the grueling ten hour flight out of the way already.  Now let’s see what there is to eat here in the terminal…

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