Where’s Waldo ft. Host Family

I did a lot this weekend (or felt like I did a lot).  So much so that there’s still one more clips to add for my next vlog.

Let’s explain my host family.

Simon is a Java programmer, and on the weekends he runs a seminar that does Mindstorm and teaches kids basic Java programming.  Helen is a special needs teacher.  They both speak English fairly well.  You can hear her speak a bit in a clip from the market, expressing to me that I sleep to late for tasty buttery pastries.

Their kids are Remi, Colline, and Theo, at 9, 12, and 14(15?) years old.  Their levels of English vary, but here in France they start learning in late elementary.  We speak English at the dinner table for everyone to practice.

I’ll eventually get them on camera and give them proper introductions.

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