Thoughts on Flight

So I made it through security.  My pack with harddrive, camera, computer mouse, microphone, and a mess of wires even made it through without a second look.  The lady behind me in the line had a bulldog which she had to carry through the metal detector.  It was entertaining.  The dog overall seemed more composed with the whole situation than my mom during the whole trip down.

I’ve had jobs that are a mixture of mind-numbing and consistently hectic.  I can imagine working at an airport would be both.  People in cars, trams, taxis, people with lots and lots of luggage; people asking the same question; people getting infuriated at the answers you provide to them; people in general.  People are what really make certain jobs worse than they need to.

Now I sit here in the airport, waiting for my first flight.  I managed to snag a table with a plug for my laptop, where I am writing this.  I managed to upload my last U.S. vlog on the airport internet, quick quickly I might add.  I edited it in the hotel last night; while watching Zoolander and using my body as a desk laying down on the bed.  The youtube thumbnail hasn’t loaded yet, and I will probably only get to see it once I touch down in France; Maybe Dallas if I have time.

Regarding of Dallas, I am afraid.  It is probably big, like Texas itself.  I have to make it from domestic flights over to the International terminal, and I don’t know what hoops I may have to jump through.

If I have time, I am definitely going to invest in some sort of alcohol to help the 9 hour flight to Paris be a little more bearable.  If all goes according to plan, all this junk and more on the next vlog.

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