Drabble and Divulgence

“Did you cut your hair, Nikolas?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, I don’t like it.”

The teapot was lifted daintily, and poured in a similar fashion so as to not spill a drop.

“Hopefully this new man replacing you will know a thing or two about appearances.”

“Indeed, sir.”

The china cup was handed over, and he brought it to his lips.

“This is bitter Nikolas.  You messed this up, too.”

“No, sir.  It is a different brew, made especially for you.”

A second sip entered between his pursed lips.

“What is in it, then?”

“Rat poison, sir.”


I wrote this up for a very cool writing-oriented blog, The Drabble.

Hell to Pay will continue for most of this week while I have time.  I am very much into the story now; however be warned that I am writing it one post at a time.  This is to say that I have no idea how the story will go for the most part.  After it is finished, I will probably consolidate it all and fix any continuity issues then.  Going back and editing old posts that people have read already doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.  Probably one more vlog going up this week before I leave.  Cheers!

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