Wall of Trump

My writing project for nanowrimo 2016 is finally mostly presentable, and readable in it’s entirety.  Presenting, Wall of Trump. (This link has been removed due to the recent publishing of it on Amazon through Kindle.  Please go check out the post there.)


In the near dystopian future where Donald Trump becomes President, big changes are happening. For Sergio Simmons, a natural born American citizen, things go south when he is forcefully reconnected with his heritage, and is volunteered for a project some call “The Wall.” Who will end up paying? Take a wild guess.

Keep in mind that this was written in just one month, and most likely has some spelling, grammar, or other mistakes still hiding in there.  I have gone back and tried to edit the best I can, but as far as this project goes, it was a one shot exercise for fun.  Enjoy it for now before such the topic becomes irrelevant!

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