The Final Trump

Nanowrmo is almost at a close… here’s another chapter from me!


To think that people would come out in the heat just to leer at us from across the river is just plain strange.  Some people put a lot of effort into trying to change other people’s minds and views on them.  None of the guys working around me even blinked at the sign holders.  I waved.  I got waves back from one group, and a middle finger from the other.  I sighed and went back to work.

I kept taking glances up at the groups as I worked. They kept their space, waving their signs in the heat of the day.  I think at one point some police came by to make sure the groups would stay separate from each other and keep the antagonization to a minimum.

The wall on that side of the Rio was still just a plain chain link.  I thought how it would be easier to climb over the wall without having to trek through the river first, and that if we happened to build on that side, it would be a lot more difficult for anyone trying to cross that way.  I still stand by my thought that the wall had to be on the land here to be considered Mexico’s.

I began to soak through my shirt with sweat in the heat of the sun.  On the other side, I saw people had ice chests, with probably some nice bottles of water or sports drinks.  We got to pass around a communal kettle we could drink from, complete with lukewarm backwash.  A catering truck even pulled up to bring them who knows what.  I never imagined you could get free stuff just by pretending to be proactive.

A sudden commotion caused me to take notice of the groups once again.  Someone was climbing the fence.  It was some young girl that could only be described as ‘hippie’.  She came from the side with the waves and the nicely-worded signs.  I’m not sure if I was completely assured by her running at me, but it was something to break the monotony of the day.

The foremen and guards took notice, although they probably didn’t want in the slightest to shoot at some poor defenseless girl, especially because it would mean a hassle for them and the now intimate connection between their higher ups and the Trump regime.

She was carrying a big bag, but not slowed down in the slightest.  It almost seemed as if she skipped through the shallow waters of the river, and right up to where we were working.  Her long wavy hair and long skirt wafted around her like an angel.  I was nearly entranced.  People were now taking notice, dumbfounded and unable to move.  The people who were able to gather their wits about them went after her.  She had illegally jumped the border after all.

I saw her dart between us workers, passing out something from her big bag.  Water bottles.  I watched as she drew closer.  Her nimble steps got her around quickly, dodging the grasps of any people who wanted her rain of chaos to end.  She ran my way, paralyzing me.  Her hands stretched out, producing a cool, clear bottle of water.  I mechanically reached out and grabbed it, while she said something to me in some half-practiced sounding Spanish.

“What?”  I stuttered.

Her eyes glazed over and her head tilted to the side, a classic deer-in-the-headlights look, mouth agape.  She then shook herself back to reality, and continued to run off, pursuer right in tow.  I stood there motionless as the quick pounding of footsteps rushed by me.  I looked down at the bottle in my hand, and back up to trace the girl’s path back across the river.  The guards ceased their pursuit, and shook their fists angrily as she escaped.

She ran up the incline like it was nothing, and hopped up on the fence.  Other on the opposite side reached up to help her over, her skirt flying up in the breeze as she mounted the chain links.  I loud cacophony of yells grew from the area, people being in awe and infuriation at her stunt.

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