Ranch Bomb

Today was my Monday at work, and it allowed me to think about more things that are greasy in my department.  Of course, not before I stepped on a ranch packet someone had dropped on the ground, and with a satisfying pop, it sent a spray up my opposite leg, across the floor, and partially up one of the cabinets.  People saw.

Screenshot from SNL

I thought, okay, I’ll after this next customer, I’ll go and at least clean this stuff off my pants before it dries into some nasty stain.  Of course, the lunch rush was creeping up on me.

So the next customer is almost done and another shows up.  Okay, after this next customer I’ll go and clean myself up.

Up walks another customer.  Okay, after this next customer I’ll go clean myself up.

Almost half an hour later, I finally am able to go to the back and wipe myself down now that my black pants are adequately seasoned.  At least Dickies are pretty much indestructable.

You know what else in a deli gets greasy fast?  Pretty much any handle we have to touch regularly.  The peels we use to put sandwiches in the toaster.  The handle for the door on the toaster.  The door handle to the fridge and freezers.  I can even feel the grease with my gloves on.

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