Across the Void

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 3] The Medbay didn’t have any windows to the outside. The only light was from those above, coming on and shutting off as they desired. If it wasn’t the light keeping Cecil awake, it was the coming and going of people from beyond the privacy curtain, clinging to the sides ofContinue reading “Across the Void”

From A Deep Slumber

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 2] Cecil “Cecil, do you hear me?” Cecil “I don’t think he’s fully awake.” “Give him time.” Cecil “Can’t you give him something?” “Nothing that won’t have an ill effect on him.” Cecil A weight sat on Cecil’s chest. He attempted to grab at his sternum, but the IV in hisContinue reading “From A Deep Slumber”

In Search of Something New

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 1] The rover crawled along the red-brown landscape, tossing up clouds of dust behind its thick wheels. The slope of the old crater was gentle and weathered, carved by centuries or more of sandstorms, and dotted with crags that split the hazy horizon. Cecil would have been able to hear theContinue reading “In Search of Something New”