Man of the Mask

The Sickest Time – Chapter Four Despite all efforts of both spiritual and administrative natures, it seemed nothing would stop the sickness in Villearrièr. The priests and coroners were soon overwhelmed by the influx of bodies, more so when they themselves succumbed to the sickness. The darkest day came when governor Bouchepourri’s own messenger fellContinue reading “Man of the Mask”

Man of the Cloth

The Sickest Time- Chapter Two As foretold, the sickness did come to Villearrièr, visiting the homes of several individuals, then their families, and then their neighbors. The criers spoke of staying at home if one was sick, and of keeping distance from those showing signs of the sickness, but somehow the malady spread still. TheContinue reading “Man of the Cloth”

A Man of the Town

The Sickest Time – Chapter One Benoit du Villearrièr had been forced to lie about the existence of his hangover that morning, and furthermore, forced out of the house to go to market. Madame du Villearrièr was heavily pregnant with their first child after all, and would not take ‘non’ for an answer— nor wouldContinue reading “A Man of the Town”