Whispers of Mars [Chapter 11] “Tsuchida? How are the simulations running?” Agrippa had borrowed the radio to contact his department back inside the main base. At the central chamber, the radio waves were just barely able to escape the confines of the thick rock. The other man’s voice was quiet and fuzzy coming through theContinue reading “Memories”


Whispers of Mars [Chapter 9] “Cecil,” Agrippa spoke up before any other topics could arrive. “What is your role in the current project?” The lunch service for the day shift was winding down, and the two of them had arrived to catch the scraps before composting— the caloric intake for every meal was calculated preciselyContinue reading “Strength”

News From Home

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 7] Data was easy to remember. Things that had structure or had patterns or that were logically simple. Cecil liked those things the best. Passwords. Schematics. Instruction banks. Force Diagrams and charts of calculations. Schedules— what time was it? One vague memory that Cecil recalled then was of the rule barelyContinue reading “News From Home”