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Remnant: Book of Xiandol Chapter 12 [Final]

Serinda held to Carlyle’s shoulder upon the back of the horse. Kensley kept beside both of them, focusing more on the riders than the dark path ahead of them. Serinda caught the glint of his eyes in the moonlight. “Your man here is still wary of me, captain.”

“Have some respect, Kensley.”


“Or is something else on your mind?” Carlyle interrupted.

Kensley breathed out heavily. “It’s my fault you were injured, sir.”

“You chose the right course of action, to draw your weapon. You were uncertain of whether or not they would have been a threat. Regardless, the dagger only penetrated so deep.”

The mage felt along Carlyle’s injured bicep. “Those men were cowards, nothing more. I’ll heal the wound if you don’t mind.”

The long-haired man patted at his weaponless thigh. “I left that broken sword back there…”

“They won’t be able to make use of it, I’m sure.” Carlyle let out a sole laugh. “Though, I should be the one apologizing. It was I who allowed you such a poor weapon, so unworthy that it would break right away. I put us both in more danger than I should have.”

Kensley remained quiet for a long while before responding. “Is it true… what you said? About the capital iron supplies?”

Carlyle winced as Serinda’s fingers danced at the wound, sending forth healing energy. “If we find the cache that we’ve been told of, we’ll be slightly better off.

“Mostly better, now, I hope?” The mage asked, returning her hand to her side. She looked back in the distance, where the light of the campfire could no longer be made out. “We’re likely far enough away that they wouldn’t be able to follow. If we stop to rest, I can focus an incantation for some of the night to stave off the cold air, although it isn’t my specialty.”

Carlyle hunched his back and stopped the horse, tapping it about to get a better look in the distance. “You are fortunate to be able to practice various magics. I do believe some rest would do us well.”

More clouds crept over the mountain, and the air began to stir with more light snow. The enforcers took their horses side-by-side to block out most of the wind, while the mage sat cross-legged, eyes closed, to focus the magic about her, stilling the wind. Kensley took the first watch, eyes mostly locked to the mage, while the night continued to creep on. Before midnight, Carlyle awoke to allow his partner to find some sleep

Despite the lack of a full night’s rest, the group resumed movement upon the first light. The land around them had been covered with a light dusting of powdery snow. By midday, they had reached the Ebb and the old camp at its muddy banks. The mage directed the enforcers to a rough patch of dirt beside the meager muddy icy flow. From beneath a shallow layer of filth, they unearthed the woven blanket, containing a tight packing of rough square iron billets. With the bounty secured behind Kensley on the horse, they began their ride back west to Rallig.

As they reached the cold, barren fields outside the town, Serinda finally shifted her weight upon the horse. “I should be off now. I’ll find my own way to Xiandolia when it’s convenient.”

“Do as you wish.” Carlyle offered one final farewell. He glanced to Kensley as they approached closer. “Right, we must seek out the boy here before we leave.”

Kensley looked about to the homes and storehouses. “The eldest, huh?” Kensley replied, recalling his own departure from his home several years previous. “I suppose he would already know his fate.”

“Enforcers!” A teen spoke up to them as they marched forward.

“Oh,” Carlyle noticed him. “I remember your face, from before we left. What is your name, boy?”

“Dalan, sir.”

Carlyle jumped off his horse beside the young man and examined his face and thing whiskers. “I don’t suppose you’re the one we’re looking for?”

Coming Soon: Book of Tulefore

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