Second Coming: Chapter 24 [Final]

The rally took a good while to calm down, with lots of stammering from Joseph, but everyone eventually cleared out, way earlier than expected. I didn’t dare try to confront the Pastor, and I ended up returning with my parents to their hotel that night. For those next two days, I stayed with them away from the family. From there, I elected to return back to Florida with my folks, citing needing a vacation before anything else proceeded. Joseph did not protest.

The news stations were all in a ruckus, but I kept my eyes mostly on the primaries. Two weeks later, on Super Tuesday and with Joseph lacking his trump card, many states ended up going to Caine. It wasn’t long after that I heard from Jess over text that her father was abandoning the lease on the office space in Washington and bringing them home.

Desiring my own car back from their property, I drove out in a rental to retrieve it from them as soon as they were to arrive. Joseph was even-mannered, not desiring to discuss the election any further. I gave a few farewells to Sharon and Jess as well. Just before leaving, Joseph cornered me by my driver’s door.

“Have this,” he said, presenting a check to me. “Despite everything, I think I’ve learned a lot… from the whole process, but in no small part from you.”

My eyes nearly turned green at the numbers on the check, but I held my composure. “You’re… very generous. What… what are your plans from here on out? Heading back to the Parish I imagine?”

“Oh, yes, for the time being. But the office of the Governor of Florida is up for election in two years. It can perhaps serve as a stepping stone, ya’ know? Would you… happen to want to hop aboard once again when that time comes around?”

I bit at my lip. “You know, unfortunately, my career may already be headed in another direction by then. So thanks, but no thanks.”

Thank you all for sticking with me through this story! I had originally wanted to get this done back before November (for reasons), but it ended up going way longer than I could have expected. Who knew the election process was a mind-numbingly long development, even in fiction with the ability to write out all the nonsense in a single transitional clause?

More stories soon!

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