Second Coming: Chapter 19

When we arrived in D.C., Joseph went right to work in finding office space to rent, to be what he called our base of operations. He was in touch with the major political offices as well, seeking out further connections. His instructions to me were to create job postings for political staffers in the post-primary season. At that point, I felt a mix of emotions, somewhere between still wanting to aid Joseph, and knowing that at the end of the day, I was working against him. Heck, the whole system was working against him, driving not only The Pastor, but myself as well, out of our positions. I finished the job postings in a matter of hours and spent the rest of the days doing what I did best, trawling the internet to keep up with the political climate.

“Joseph The Pastor Cummings is a threat to political discourse in this country,” One west-coast publication asserted. “This little-town preacher with no previous political experience has suddenly blasted upon the scene and has roused a great many people, even before his little stunt in Tallahassee, Florida that you’ve probably seen somewhere in some form in the news or online. Now, Joseph Cummings himself is an honest-to-god holy man, in the truest sense of the word, and plenty of people appreciate that. I mean, over fifty percent of registered voters in the United States identify with some sect of Christianity, on both sides of the political spectrum.

But the trend we’re seeing right now is the sudden rise in people who seem to believe that to deny the Pastor is to deny the Lord, whether it be the one in spirit, or the one supposedly here on Earth by his side. People don’t mind that Cummings hasn’t presented any sort of political agenda. What could we expect to see out of the man if he somehow manages to get into office?

Some people polled have imagined something similar to Sharia law in the Middle East, just with Christianity. And if such a thing were the case, how far would it be taken? What of the people who don’t follow the Christian God or any god for that matter? Is the presence of what seems to be the true son of God a- let’s use this term ironically- a revelation? For now, we can only look forward to Super Tuesday and the rest of the activity in the primaries to see what will beg our attention.”

Another article was vehemently in praise of Joseph, “Predictions of events like this have been presented over and over, and truly, the thing we all knew, in the end, is that nobody actually knew. Yes, we’re talking about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Back in January, our time of waiting ended. The son returned to us, just as described in the scriptures.

The man with whom his holiness presides- Joseph Cummings, Florida Preacher and family man- has taken on the role of his voice to the American people, and as such, the people of the world. What we realize now- and likely what we knew all along- is that people are even less open than they say. In the face of a miracle, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, people still are not willing to believe. This is how twisted and godless people have become. But God, and by extension, his Son, are love, so there is still hope.

Now, of course, politics always leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. We’re in the midst of an election year, and of course, that’s when it gets to be the worst. We all have those members of our family with whom we always butt heads. They are always on the defensive, saying how we are the ones who are wrong. You can’t reason with these kinds of people. But we’re able to go beyond politics this time.

Take it like this- imagine yourself as God, all-powerful, and seeing, all-knowing. We know the stories in the old testament- the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the flood of waters and the Ark, the horrors brought upon the Egyptian people for enslaving our ancestors. The Lord would have no issue conjuring his powers for another deluge of such magnitude. On the contrary, we believe that he has seen how much we have grown, that we are no longer barbarians. So instead of doing such things, he has delivered onto us the power of people and their voices, and in what country better than the United States of America?

When Joseph Cummings becomes President of the United States, it will be no longer about politics, but rather uniting everyone as one. This is the talk of ‘Claiming Earth as his Kingdom.’ This is how we are saved, every last one of us. There is no excuse for believing in anything but the reality before us at this very moment. Remember that when it is time for your votes to be cast.”

The only delight I took in reading articles like these was the fact that I knew fully that they were both wrong, and that Joseph was simply floundering his way on a cult of personality to the point at which we had arrived. Another delight was finding out only a few days later after our arrival was that Joseph had found office space for us to lease. That very day, we got the RV moving again.

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