Four Years of Grease

Four years ago, I was working a job at a deli counter, assembling sub sandwiches, slicing unnaturally sized hunks of meat, and hucking deep fried food. At that same time, I was also putting the wraps on my very first novel, Mother of Mars, and looking forward to starting up my next story.

Today, any sandwiches I make are now primarily for myself, but my writing is still for everyone!

Last week, I released the third installment of my fantasy series, The Sing Wars. Those who have been here a while may have read through the draft version of Of Armor and Bone as it came to be, right here on this blog. With The Fall of Order, you can now take in the entire trilogy in Ebook or Paperback forms.

Buying and rating on the Amazon product page is a great way to support me and help get the story out to more readers.

I’ve also set up a Ko-fi page for extra support, currently going toward the advertising costs for my published works- I’m Self Published! As a bonus for heading to the page, you can download a formatted ebook or PDF file of one of my previously released short stories- easy reading from anywhere! This month, The Washwater Hotel is available for download.


Again, thanks for reading what I put out for all these years, and look forward to much more!

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