Labor and Music

It feels like I’m in high school again- enjoying a three day weekend while playing online games.  I mean, I’m not being productive as I should be, but this XP isn’t going to grind itself, am I right?

am taking time to catch up on some things, like music.  If you don’t remember what time of music I like, take a time to check out my review of various albums from last year:

I heard some songs from the new Queens of the Stone Age album while watching a stream on Twitch, and I really enjoyed it, so I downloaded the full album.  Never really listened to them before but just to let you know… it’s a really rad album.

Apparently Mastodon is releasing another new album in a couple weeks (?), but I hadn’t even properly checked out the fresh one they just put out.  That’s actually what I’m listening to right now as I’m writing this.

I checked out Linkin Park’s “One More Light” a bit after it was release but now… it’s a little more emotional due to the circumstances.  I remember commenting on Twitter that I felt like they had grown a lot since the days of Meteora.  It’s a great album but… nothing will make up for the loss of Chester.

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