Re: Here You Go, Steven

Finding time to talk with my friends on Skype is a little bit difficult with the 9 hour time difference and the spotty times that they are on.  I did have the chance to talk with one, and he asked me if I was enjoying checking out all the beautiful French women.  Me, I was too busy checking out myself through the flipped up LCD of my camera, trying in vain to dodge glances of people looking at the person talking to himself while lining up a shot of the Eiffel Tower behind him.

Well, this time I saw the pretty French women.  The prettiest French women actually.  The best of the best.  Miss France.  What are the odds?

I debated which thumbnail to put up on this video; one where I looked like it would be plausible for me to be within 100 feet of these girls, or the one I actually decided to use.

By the way; I used the world ‘girls’ above because that’s what they were. One of the rules of miss France is that they have to be between 18 and 24 years old. That makes me just one year too late to be in the running, among other reasons. Oh well, maybe in another life.

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