The Source of All Grease

Whenever I come home from work, my mom says that I smell like grease.  Imagine that.

Of course, I don’t smell it anymore.  It’s just a part of my being now.  For that matter, I don’t smell much because of allergies this time of year.  Sometimes my sense of smell returns for a day or so.  The first thing I end up smelling is provolone cheese strangely enough.

The grease smell comes from of course the deep fryer.  The regular grease comes from surface contact with things.  One major surface being my glasses.  And wiping them on my shirt is just going to make it worse. Either way, fryer grease is different than your regular grease.  It is airborne.

It happened at my last job too.  Even though I worked graveyard then, and the fryers were shut off at that time, I still left smelling like grease.  The grease gets heated, and then just evaporates and enters the air.  Then when the food gets transferred from the fryer to hot case, it produces steam, which also carries grease.

My glasses fog up every time I need to reach deep into the fry to grab potato wedges, tenders, or corn dogs.  It makes fishing for the other things I need to get much harder.  But hey, greasy food is delicious right?

School is back in session, and that’s what all the high schoolers seem to think.  I’ve never seen higher stacks of JoJo’s and corn dogs than right before the lunch hour during weekdays.  The first day back was about two weeks ago, and I guess it was only a half day.  We discovered this when about half the school decided to line up in front of our deli stations.  Conveniently we had forgotten just how much food we needed to cook  to satiate all the hungry high schoolers.   Maybe in a few weeks they’ll run out of money and pack a lunch like I had to do during my time in school.

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