Excerpt from “Muro de Trump”

I remember when I was a young, impressionable kid.  There were always ‘facts’ that were passed around by word of mouth from other kids.  ‘You can see the Great Wall of China for outer space’ was one such tidbit.  Turns out that isn’t the case.  It’s a false fact- a term that perplexes me.  You see another thing I learned when I was a kid was the difference between facts and opinions.  The unfortunate way that one teacher explained it to me was that opinions are always prefaced with the words “I think”, or “I feel.”  Every other statement was a fact, even if they were not true.  My teacher just said that they were ‘false facts.’

Now I like to think that politicians prefer to say things like they’re fact, not opinion.  They want the public to believe every word they say, even if it’s total garbage.  It was inevitable to end up with a lot of these false facts.  Trump was slightly different though.  I think he truly believed that he would build a wall, and that this wall would be able to be seen from space.

-From “Muro de Trump (Trump’s Wall), Nanowrimo summer 2016 project.

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