The Color of Houm

Book 1: Seeing Red

Released: May 2021

167 Pages

EBook: $2.99 Paperback: $8.99

A spark of unrest ignites a star system into conflict, already long-smoldering, the wisps of smoke only noticeable to those with the keenest of sights. A sci-fi drama of mass proportions, seen through the eyes of those on both sides of the growing flames. Book One in The Color of Houm series: Seeing Red.

The Nest corporation had always done good by the planet Houm and its moon, Kaydal. Nest had, after all, arrived during the darkest days of the remote planet’s ecological disaster following the eruption of the Volcano Mount Triste. With the aid of the corporation, Houm’s colonizers, the Vat people, were able to rebuild their strained society and the ravaged planet. Decades later, the residents of the system live in a symbiotic relationship with the corporation, allowing them mining rights of the planet’s precious mineral, Houmite, in exchange for their continual aid.

After an accident in Kaydal’s airspace resulting in the death of her elder sister, Veema Binnek feels the rest of her family begin to fall apart. Her mother, distant and unhelpful in the bleak times, barely seeks to comfort her. Her father, a ranking official in Corporate Security, refuses to speak of the accident, allowing his work to pull him away further. When Veema encounters a stranger seeming to tout a different truth about the deadly accident, she finds herself pulled into a scheme to hit the corporation and make the Vat people aware that all is not as peaceful and orderly as Nest wishes the locals to think.

As the reality of her and the Corporation’s actions dawn upon her, Veema finds herself in a tug-of-war to turn things right again and return to her home and family once more.

The idea for The Color of Houm existed in my mind even before the existence of the ideas that gave birth to Of Armor and Bone. I actually have at least two chapters of an original iteration of the story somewhere in the depths of my hard drives, but while writing it, I realized that I didn’t have confidence in my abilities to write a story in the narrative style I really wanted. In that downtime between then and now, I went on to write the entire Sing Wars trilogy, which in turn helped me develop the writing chops for telling a story of this magnitude.

Book 2: White Flag Burning

Released November 2022

197 Pages

EBook: $2.99 Paperback: $8.99

The once silent defiance finds itself unable to hold back any longer. Both sides head towards an emboldened opposition, victories both small and large piling up, yet neither side is willing to make concession. Book Two in the Color of Houm series: White Flag Burning

The startling and triumphant attack by the Sanguine Tears in Akresh City crippled the Moon’s infrastructure and means of commerce. The inhabitants of the city are forced to rely on the Nest Corporation’s Security forces to offer a sense of safety and a hopeful return to normalcy. After receiving a threat and a promise of future action from the rebel group, authorities on Houm as well as the Corporation are forced to decide how they will proceed, rehashing the debate between Houm’s self-determination versus The Nest Corporation’s humanitarian efforts.

Those who carried out the attack hide out still in Akresh, planning their next move while the city remains under the strict control of the security forces. Their focus remains on Veema, who gave herself up to Nest just before the attack, creating a loose end for both sides. Her father, Major Corbin Skye of Nest Security, can’t help but blame himself for her senseless actions. Despite his efforts to reconnect with his daughter, the reticent girl all but refuses to divulge any information about the organization that had enraptured her into their movement.

When the Corporation delivers to the system more forces to secure Houm and its Moon, the division between the local populace and the offworlders deepens, pulling at the seams of the already strained society.

Book 3: Skies of Gray

Releasing 2023

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