The Sing Wars

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Book 1: Of Armor and Bone

281 Pages

Ebook: $0.99 Paperback: $9.99

The celestial object violently descended from the sky one day, crashing into the peaks of the Sing Mountains. On either side of the range, the peoples inhabiting the lands took notice of the strange power it radiated- an unequivocal magical force. The desire for that power turned the two nations to war.

The magi had always held a great power of their own, which was soon brought to the battlefield. The mass destruction that followed, however, caused both sides to reconsider the magi’s role in their wars.

A detente was called, putting an uneasy distance between the two nations. Just when it seemed that the remnant of power could finally be uncovered, the force suddenly disappeared. It was then that a group of men, equipped with enigmatic magical armaments, arrived upon the front to locate the power.

Of Armor and Bone was my first delve into fantasy.  The name, and from there, bits of the plot, were inspired by the mascot of Hideo Kojima’s (creator of Metal Gear Solid, etc) studio, Kojima Productions.

The story took a long time to evolve.  I wrote it on and off, taking often week-long or so breaks between chapters.  This gave me, luckily, a lot of time to consider the intertwining plot lines before they found their way to paper.  I ended up with a story that jumped around between the various points of view, a narrative structure I wanted to use on another story still yet to be written.

I even went as far as taking two month-long breaks to write two other shorter books while still judging where the story should go.  At the end of it all, I ended up with a book about 65 thousand words long, the longest single work I have produced to date.

Book 2: The Work of Darkness

Released: November 2019

185 Pages

Ebook: $2.99 Paperback: $9.99

After the battle of Lyeys Ridge and the subsequent defeat of the magically empowered Xiandolan army, the land of Callia returned to a tepid peace. Those residing in the province of Tulefore remain wary that the Xiandolans would attempt to rekindle their lost power and attempt another intrusion into their land. The Order of Magi, led by the defected Xiandolan mage Chin, attempts to use his influence to keep the peace between the two peoples. At the same time, the Lady Kiaren of Tulefore makes contact with a foreigner from a neighboring land who is promised to have unique knowledge yet unknown to the Callian people.

Far across the sea, a Tuleforian commander by the name of Peyiton, in his search for new lands for the Empire to annex, comes across a strange force that draws him back home and to the source of an intoxicating power located there within. As the unsuspecting populace at the seat of the Empire fall under the influence of the beguiled commander, a call for help finds its way across the mountains to ask for help from an unlikely source.

Book 3: The Fall of Order

Released: June 2020

166 Pages

Ebook: $2.99 Paperback: $9.99

After years of conflict, the land of Callia had finally settled back to a period of peace. A joint effort between both nations, Xiandol and Tulefore, begins; a tunnel connecting the two lands under the Sing Mountain range, previously a near impassable boundary. The death of the Emperor of Tulefore welcomes forward the young Lady Kiaren to power, still unsure of herself.

Meanwhile, in Xiandol, the Kingdom’s forces attempt to seek out and round up the few remaining contributors of the previous conflicts, namely the accursed swordsman Mateus, and the disgraced General Edrian. Grasping at the final remnants of his influence, the old general seeks out a secluded clan in the snowy wastes of Xiandol, in hopes of earning their favor and cooperation.

While the affairs of Callia take their natural progression, the once outspoken Order of Magi, hidden away in the north of Tulefore, seem to have gone all but silent.

Remnant: A Sing Wars Prequel

Released: January 2022

247 Pages

Ebook: $2.99

Prequel to the thrilling Sing Wars Trilogy

Before the events of Armor and Bone, the Kingdom of Xiandol and the Empire of Tulefore had spent many decades separate and unaware of the dealings of the other on either side of the Sing Mountain Range. When the Sing Stone, a remnant of a fallen star, descended upon the peaks, it drew the attention of magi and normal men alike.

The tunnels in search of the powerful artifact began to creep through the rock of the mountain range from either side until the fateful day when the two peoples met. The birth of the battles of the Sing Wars began with men, but the power of the magi was not far behind.

All Covers in this series done by OliviaProDesign. I am not affiliated with the artist or

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