A Greater Call

This story is based on the album “Mariner” by Cult of Luna featuring Julie Christmas. Titles “A Greater,” “Chevron,” “The Wreck of S.S. Needle,” “Approaching Transition,” and “Cygnus” are creations of Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas, and properties of the band and Indie Recordings. Give the album a listen along with the chapters: (Warning: METAL!!!)Continue reading “A Greater Call”


Second Coming: Chapter 21 We managed another day of interviews before the weekend came. Those who had already been scheduled were interviewed that day, luckily with no large distractions. Friday afternoon, Joseph pulled himself away from the desk and returned to the RV with a sour look he had been mostly hiding the whole day.Continue reading “Testament”


Second Coming: Chapter 20 Things started moving fast after we settled in. The new office space was furnished in a matter of days from donations from the local party offices, churches, and even individuals themselves. The RV was parked out back and served as our sleeping quarters still, but at least I felt some repriseContinue reading “Disciples”