The Commander

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 6] Maria was there the next morning while Cecil was attempting to find his footing off the edge of the bed once more. The socks gripped the floor with their rubber nubs, and his hand grasped the cold railing behind him. “Easy.” “I can manage.” “Keep a hold on the wallContinue reading “The Commander”

Across the Void

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 3] The Medbay didn’t have any windows to the outside. The only light was from those above, coming on and shutting off as they desired. If it wasn’t the light keeping Cecil awake, it was the coming and going of people from beyond the privacy curtain, clinging to the sides ofContinue reading “Across the Void”

From A Deep Slumber

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 2] Cecil “Cecil, do you hear me?” Cecil “I don’t think he’s fully awake.” “Give him time.” Cecil “Can’t you give him something?” “Nothing that won’t have an ill effect on him.” Cecil A weight sat on Cecil’s chest. He attempted to grab at his sternum, but the IV in hisContinue reading “From A Deep Slumber”