The Country

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 4] It was the beginning of summer. The air was fresh, and trees were allowed to grow, and untamed grasses and low plants flourished in all shades of green and brown, and the wind blew clean and free of contaminates. The horses clopped along the dirt road, seeming also toContinue reading “The Country”

The Children

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 3] Young Marie O’Malley grew sick often, producing a hacking cough for weeks at a time. During these periods, the babe could hardly sleep, and often kept her parents and brother up with the sound of her sickness. Doctor Gregory, a trusted physician that was a friend of Gerald FlintContinue reading “The Children”

The Coddled Girl

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 2] Many a young person was able to find a trade to work in during these new, impressive times of growth for the city, the country, and industry as a whole. For some, it was a way to make sure that everyone in their household was fed and clothed, especiallyContinue reading “The Coddled Girl”