The Hiatus

Let’s see what’s been keeping me from writing…

Without a doubt, Nanorimo in November always takes it out of me.  Heading out of town for a week for Thanksgiving left me unable to do much besides the intermittent tapping away of my laptop. Whether it be over the sound of my grandparents watching Fox News, or between servings of dinner and desert on Turkey day, I managed to keep up most of my work count.  In case you were wondering, I did finish my word goal.

December left me having wanted to stay and have that break off, to play games.  I like my job, but also having time to sleep in really is something I can’t go without.  Weekends always seem too short.

I told myself that over winter break I would make some good lesson plans and write some good stuff.  I even had my students do a writing assignment right before the break so that they could work their imaginations as well.

The first week of winter vacation, I managed to waste plenty of time enjoy myself playing more online games and sleeping in, but I made up my mind tha after the new year, I would take time to be productive.  Sadly, New Year’s day, I got news that there was a death in the family, and that part of the funeral arrangements would be my responsibility.

Now that everything is– excuse the dark pun– in the ground, I hope to get back to writing.  Check out the first chapter of something new in yesterday’s post!

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