The Voice

-Remember, if you mess this up, it’s on you.  I’m not taking responsibility.

I know that.

-I’ll tell you what I’ll do if something goes wrong. 

-I don’t need to hear it.  Nothing will go wrong.

Even though we’re in this together, you’re the one who wants it more.  If something happens, I’m out for good.  There’s no way I can help you if you can’t help yourself, especially this time.

-If you put it that way, it’s just going to make me more nervous.

You’re the one making yourself nervous.  Don’t get psyched out.

Of course, you’d phrase it like that.  Can we just do this?

I want you to think about how badly you need this.  Believe me, it will take the edge off.  It will calm your nerves.  Think about your goal.  Forget what I said about what might happen to you, but those back at home.  They need that money.

-They need that money.

Nobody has to get hurt.  We just get in and get out.

Why did I have to bring this gun, then?

Sometimes people need to be reminded that you’re serious.  Maybe you were deciding that you were serious yourself.  That fact that you’re here means there’s no backing down now.  Do or die.

Don’t say it like that.  God my heart is beating so fast.

It’s too late.  She’s looking at us.  You need to act now.  Walk up to the window.

“Who are you talking to sir?  Is there anything I can help you with?”

He looked back at the empty bank lobby for a moment, the morning sun glowing in the windows.  Grabbing the pistol in his baggy sweatshirt pocket, he pulled out the handle and flashed it to her.

“I need you to empty your cash drawer for me, now…  Please.”

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