The Better Person

Hate me.

Hate me so that you can tell yourself that every time I said or did something bad to you, it was because I was a bad person.

Hate me so that those words I said were simply just words.  They weren’t true.  I wasn’t confirming or denying any of your faults or strengths.  They were said because in my mind, they were both the right and the wrong things to say.  They weren’t premeditated to pick at you, rather blurted out because they simply did the job.

Hate me so that the pains you suffered at my hands were simply your body rejecting my malice.

Hate me so that you can find comfort in the fact that you never reciprocated or hit back. Those feelings are your reward for you being the better person.

Hate me, because any energy spent trying to justify any other emotion would be wasted on me.  Follow what you already know, because it is the path of least resistance.

Hate me so you never have to think about the fact that I hate myself.

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