To Be Published

In light of recent events (you know damn well which one), I have decided to Publish “Wall of Trump.”

As you know, I am currently living in France.  The news here had been covering the election in great detail, because the state of the US does effect the state of many other countries around the world.  My host family isn’t really pleased with the result, and they have told me that everyone has been abuzz about it here.  Watching the news, I came up with a rant that I was going to write up here, but I think at this point anything that needs to be said has been.

On a happier note, this is my first real published book.  I spent several hours on it yesterday, just to get it in the best possible condition and able to be get it up on Amazon.  If you wish to support me and my writing, please go check it out.


I am taking down the previous edition which was free to read here.  If you did happen to read it, feel free to drop me a review over there on Amazon.  Thank you guys.

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