Sleep Taketh Away

Picture this.

It’s getting dark outside.  In my case, it’s not dark yet… it’s summertime, and in addition to the horrible heat, the days are very long.  I have work at six a.m., so I get in bed right as it’s getting dark, and head out the door right as it’s getting light out.  This is all beyond the point.  Anyways…

It’s getting dark outside.  You lay down in bed, but you can’t yet fall asleep.  Your head is full of thoughts.  I have this/that to do at work tomorrow.  Let’s not think about that.

Let’s think pleasant thoughts.  A story.  A plot.  A book.  I have it!  I know what the characters are, the conflict, the conclusion.  It’s a best seller.

If the thought survives to the morning, your morning shower thoughts may reveal to you that it lacks many things that proper story require, most importantly any details that may make it even readable.  However, most of the time, you wake up, and realize that all those great things in your mind from the previous night are gone.

Lesson learned, bring a notebook to your bedside.

In simple terms: note to self: make more notes to self.

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