Wall of Trump

Released: November 2016

56 Pages

Ebook: $2.99

“Like ‘Holes’ but instead of digging holes it’s about building a fence.”

In the dystopia of Donald Trump’s America, big changes are happening. For Sergio Simmons, a natural born American citizen, things go south when he is forcefully reconnected with his heritage. The only problem is that he has never been a part of it; being raised by adopted parents since before he can remember. 

In a comedic tale of confusion, recollections of the not always bright past, and a possible future of indentured servitude; Sergio must help construct something known only by the name “Wall of Trump.” At the same time, he must deal with a barrier of his own… one of the linguistic kind.

This was my second proper book, written during a Camp Nanowrimo, being a kind of practice session for the big event in November.  It was my first NaNo in fact.  The idea came to me one night as I was falling asleep, leaving me giggling to myself.

It was a mere 20k words, and I had a ton of fun attempting to fill up the pages with whatever I could.  Now, at this time, the election period was still on.  I had no fear.

Later that fall, I would end up heading to France on a three month gig to tutor English with a host family.  As it turns out, French people were equally as intrigued with our election at the time.  I remember that November hearing the election results on French TV.   It was at that time, dreaming of big success in chasing current events, that I decided to publish this book.

I did not, in fact, run into great success in sales, likely due to my inexperience.  However, what I did learn was that I knew that my further writings would also deserve the chance to find their way to readers.

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