In Dealing…

In Dealing With Things Not Quite Natural

Released: June 2017

146 Pages

Ebook: $2.99

Hell to Pay:
The men showed up one day, with their neatly pressed uniforms, bearing ugly bent crosses. They pushed my family and neighbors out of our homes and into a camp, tattooing us with numbers and forcing us to wear their star-shaped patches.

I remember what my rabbi said about evil- it was a product of humans themselves. These people were no exception to this. Supposedly, there would be a way to harness the power of evil. In a fever dream, it came to me. That night, I ended the lives of two men; one by my own hands, and the second by the darkness I had summoned.

Featuring this tale and other short stories of things unnatural.

In Dealing With Things Not Quite Natural is a mouthful of a title, presenting a collection of short stories on the topic of things ‘unnatural.’

Some of the stories in this collection originally appeared here on this blog, while others were written specifically for this compilation.  The main work of the book is titled Hell to Pay, an expanding of a short story I wrote by the same name.

Before writing it, I had been playing a game called “Darkest Dungeon,” a turn-based RPG built around a whole load of Lovecraftian ideology.  I always found the style intriguing and grotesquely detail rich.  I attempted, to the best of my ability, to grasp at least a little bit of what horrors I experienced in such a unique lore.

About half of the book was originally offered here, a good deal of it written when I was still living France.  To wrap up the collection, I finished off the story as something exclusive for the ebook.

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